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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) TWD-EUR

Is it safe to change dollars to euros online in France? Abrir Respuesta

Changing online dollars to euros in France is very safe. Take into account that it is done with currency suppliers that must have an authorization from the french Central Bank.

Additionally, these travel money suppliers are businesses subject to audits and can be sanctioned if they fail to comply with the strict legal measures in France to indicate with whom they exchange dollars to euros.

When is the best moment to change to euros in France? Abrir Respuesta

There isn´t a best time to change to euros because the TWD-EUR prices vary continously depending on the strengths of the economies of the Euro countries with respect to the countries that use .

It is, however, recommended to be informed about phenomena such as Brexit, major sporting events or wars like the Ukraine one, where the rates of a currency can vary upwards or downwards with respect to the Euro.

Although no one can predict how the Taiwan Dollars to euro rates will progress, at Comparer Devise we help you to change to euros at the best rates day to day in France.

Where can I sell in exchange for euros in France today? Abrir Respuesta

If you thought that your bank or the airport were the only places to sell for euros today in France, please, first compare prices in the different currency suppliers that we have compared for you above.

You can see that for the same quantity of , you will acquire more Euros depending on the company you pick and you can spend the savings on other entertainment for your trip (coffees, souvenirs, transportation, etc.).

How does the Taiwan Dollars to euro currency exchange work? Abrir Respuesta

To understand how foreign exchange works, think of a retail store that sells a product to you as a consumer. The supplier acquires wares from a supplier named wholesaler at a purchase price, to which it includes a profit margin.

The difference between the sell price at which you buy in that shop (eg your TWDs) and what it cost the store to buy those TWDs is the benefit it obtains in that currency exchange.

Nevertheless there is a difference in foreign exchange with other businesses. On balance, foreign currency banknotes (TWDs in this case) rotate from consumer to consumer, that is, they are not consumed.

Consequently, it may be the case that a currency provider or a bank acquires TWDs from a tourist who enters France (earning a profit) and those same TWDs become yours when you purchase that currency (new profit margin).

Am I obliged to carry with me any type of identity card to sell my Taiwanese dollars in exchange for euros? Abrir Respuesta

The common thing is that the foreign currency supplier where you will sell your Taiwanese dollars to euros will demand from you to provide a valid and current ID card (resident´s ID card (carte nationale d´identité) or passport in France). Take into account that your driver's license is not generally accepted as a valid identification document.

On the other end banks will not generally request any documentation from their customers who change Taiwanese dollars to euros with them for they will already have identified them at the time of opening an account with them.

I have previously exchanged Euros to TWDs, what can I do if I have remaining TWDs when I return to France? Abrir Respuesta

All currency suppliers in France are dedicated to the sale and purchase of travel money. If you come back with TWDs left over after your trip, you only need to enter Comparer and choose our Sell your currency tab in the top menu.

Then find your town of residence and we will show you how many Euros the different currency suppliers will offer on the day in your town for your remaining TWDs.

Keep in mind that they will uniquely buy you TWDs notes but not loose change.

Is there a maximum quantity of TWDs that I can sell on the Internet in France when I change TWDs to euros? Abrir Respuesta

Currency suppliers in France usually limit the maximum amount of foreign currency to be changed from Taiwan Dollars to euro to the equivalent in euros to 3,000 to 6,000 € per calendar quarter.

This is mandatory by the AML regulations. If you want to exchange a higher amount of TWDs to Euros, we advise you to speak directly with the currency supplier.

They might demand from you additional documentation and proof of the source of your TWDs (identity document, passport, certificate of professional activity, income statements, etc.).

Is it recommendable to order online or click and collect for euros in France? Abrir Respuesta

The cheapest to euro prices are generally found when you change them online to do a click and collect from an agency of a currency supplier near you.

As for banks in France, the majority allow for online reservation. Some of them let you reserve online and collect your euros sometime later. But the Taiwan Dollars to euro rate you will end up paying will be, that of the day of collection, not that of the day you ordered the to euro change.

How can I get the best Taiwan Dollars to euro exchange rate today in France? Abrir Respuesta

Getting to know the best exchange rate to sell TWDs to Euros today in France is as easy as browsing Comparer and selecting the currency you want to sell in our currency purchase widget, tab Sell Currency.

Bear in mind that the rates and conditions to change TWDs to euros that you see on our website are exclusive to be better than the rates you will obtain if you go directly to the currency provider.

We do not recommend exchanging currency at a french high street bank. They charge you a fee of around 2 to 3per cent as well as a margin.

Exchanging currency at the airport is not recommended at all when selling TWDs to euros.

Where to sell and where not to sell Taiwanese dollars to euros in France Abrir Respuesta

Foreign currency banknotes such as the Taiwan Dollars or the euro are totally alike everywhere: currency providers at the airport, at the city center or your bank. If you look for good rates, Comparer Devise helps you find the best TWD-EUR exchange rate of the day, free of charge.

If you are interested in convenience or trust, it is best to collect directly your euros in exchange for your Taiwanese dollars at a store near your hotel, home or office. You will find these alternatives on this results page you are now looking at.

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