About us

Comparer Devise is a travel money rate comparison site in France. We are an independent, neutral and 100% free service designed and thought for consumers.

If you search for a Euro to Pound or Pound to Euro comparison and finally end up changing your currency at one of our partnering currency suppliers we will get a small commission from them. But our service is totally free for you.

Every day around 4000 people change currency in France, whether it is buy or sell. And they do it mostly in banks and airports, which are not the best option since banks charge commissions and the airport is really expensive.

The third option, perhaps the most unknown for local residents, is the currency exchange suppliers (bureaux de change). Among them there are some that work with Comparer Devise that offer very competitive currency exchange rates, commission free.

We want to contribute with more transparency in the travel money industry in France. We aspire to include more players in our comparison grid and many more foreign currencies sold in our country.

The exchange suppliers and banks shown in our comparisons received equal treatment in the results of user comparisons.

Why are we born

Comparer Devise was born from the finding that, although the number of travelers using their bank card abroad is increasingly widespread, users traveling abroad still need foreign currency for out-of-pocket expenses, payment of entry or exit fees to a country or payment in some shops and restaurants.

By searching and comparing rates, users can find interesting offers of currency exchange services from both exchange suppliers and high street banks. Our mission is to let people know about the players with the best exchange rates every day and that you learn the basics of currency exchange, the conditions that businesses apply to us and if you have exchanged at the best rates.

We come from Spain

We started our activity in Spain, the second world tourist destination after France, where our economic model was born. Cambiator.es was born in March 2019 and, despite the pandemic, it has achieved very good results for our partners so far.

That’s why we decided to work in France in hopes of helping French travelers get the most out of their travel dollars. And thus help the best bureaux de change get new customers interested in their competitiv rates.

The team

The team of Comparer Devise is made out of Juan del Real (CEO) and Santos Molano (CTO).

We have been working together for 15 years on other Internet projects and we both believed that this step was necessary in 2019 when we saw the light.

Juan del Real – CEO

Juan del Real CEO de Comparer Devise et Cambiator
Juan del Real CEO de Comparer Devise et Cambiator

Juan del Real, an economist, was for ten years Director of OCU, the largest Spanish consumer´s association (similar to French UFC-Que Choisir) dedicated to comparative testing of products and services.

From there he moved onto management positions in the digital areas of large multinationals in Spain (Carrefour, Fnac-Darty, AXA and Global Exchange, a currency exchange supplier that operates in airports of 23 countries, where he worked for 5 years until the beginning of 2019).

“Comparer Devise was born from my latest 5 year experience in the currency exchange sector, which is not very transparent and takes advantage of the lack of financial education of French citizens to charge very different prices.

Being a very sensitive person in matters of consumer protection (I founded in 2009, Consumoteca.com with 4000 free informative pieces of content for the Spanish consumer) this had to be my latest move in the Internet arena.

And none of this could be real if it wasn´t for my colleague Santos Molano ”.

Santos Molano – CTO

Santos Molano CTO de Comparer Devise et Cambiator
Santos Molano CTO de Comparer Devise et Cambiator

Santos Molano has a Diploma in Statistics and Operational and Mathematical Research from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM). He has dedicated his career to the development of digital projects in the services sector and information technologies.

“Juan has long told me his idea of a currency exchange comparator and I loved it because Comparer Devise was a necessary project.

The challenge on my part is to build a robust, useful and agile application that helps its users to quickly find information on daily exchange rates, wherever they are, and save a lot of money with us. ”

A dollar is a dollar

Our motto, for how graphic and forceful it is, is “a dollar is a dollar, why pay more for the same?”

So the next time you travel to a non-Euro Zone country from France or take a holiday in our beautiful country, we are at your disposal. Try and tell us. Your comments will be well received.

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