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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) NZD-EUR

Is it advisable to order online or click and collect dollars for euros in France? Abrir Respuesta

Without doubt. Comparer Devise has surveyed the french market for currency suppliers and banks for over 5 years and we know that, depending on the currency you want to change, some currencies are easy to accept in exchange for euros but other exotic ones are not.

Generally the NZD-EUR price will be more interesting when you order them online to do a click and collect than if you go directly to the currency supplier office.

I have previously changed Euros to dollars NZD, what do I do if I have remaining dollars NZD when I return to France? Abrir Respuesta

All holiday money suppliers in France dedicate to the sale and purchase of currency. If you get back with dollars NZD left over upon return to France, you just have to enter Comparer and select our Sell your currency tab in the top menu.

Then find your city of residence and Comparer Devise will tell you how many Euros the different holiday money providers will offer that day in your town for your remaining dollars NZD.

Bear in mind that they will uniquely purchase you dollars NZD notes but not loose coins.

Is there a limit to the amount of NZDs that I can change from an online supplier in France when I change NZDs to euros? Abrir Respuesta

Generally, foreign currency providers in France have high limits for a single New Zealand Dollars to euro currency exchange. Or for any other foreign currency ypour wish to change to euros.

These maximum quantities are imposed by the french Central Bank. They have to do with the antimoney laundering norms and Know Your Customer (KYC) demands.

Nevertheless, these exchange ceilings normally range between the equivalent of NZDs to 3,000 and 5,900 euros, which is much more than what a traveler needs for their travel expenses.

When is the best moment to change dollars NZD to euros in France? Abrir Respuesta

The NZD-EUR price changes every day. The currencies of countries with more stable economies change less, and vice-versa. Nevertheless it is also necessary to bear in mind events such as the Ukraine war or Brexit, major sporting events or economic crisis, which can alter the exchange rates of a specific currency, like the New Zealand Dollars, from one day to the next.

Any way, most banks and currency suppliers usually change the price at which they buy or sell dollars NZD once a day, early in the morning.

Comparer Devise always has its travel money rates updated, so that you have the best data available on exchange rates.

How can I know the best NZD-EUR exchange rate today here? Abrir Respuesta

Getting to know the best exchange rate for the with respect to the euro today in France, is easy.

The first thing we advise you is to not trust the prices of the currency converters that appear on the Internet. These rates are for foerign currency but not for banknotes. Additionally, they are exclusive to banks. The rates you are charged as an individual are less appealling.

The second thing you should do is find at the direct New Zealand Dollars to euro exchange rate (that 0.991 with more or less digits that you see advertised everywhere and that changes constantly).

The higher that number is, the more euros you will be handed out for every New Zealand Dollars you bring.

For that reason, the best exchange rate will be the higher exchange rate. Comparer Devise makes it easy for you to obtain the best NZD-EUR exchange rate. Our results page sorts Euro offers from highest to lowest price of the day in various currency suppliers, banks and airports in France.

Where to change and where not to sell dollars NZD to euros in France Abrir Respuesta

Generally speaking, we suggest you to change your foreign currency in safe locations and where they do not charge you a commission, in addition to a profit margin. Almost all banks in France and some physical currency providers will charge you a currency exchange fee of around 3%, with a minimum (whichever is higher), of six to ten €.

This means that when you change the equivalent of 100 € from New Zealand Dollars to euro, as well as an exchange margin, you will be charged a fixed commission of of six to ten €, since it is a higher quantity than the 3 euros commission that would correspond to applying 3% to 100 euros. If you change the equivalent of six hundred euros from New Zealand Dollars to euro, they would charge you a 3% commission. That is 18 euros, which is greater than the minimum of of 6 to 10 euros.

Where can I change NZ dollars for euros during my holidays in France today? Abrir Respuesta

Consumers only think of their bank when they sell NZ dollars to euros. Yet Comparer Devise recommends that you weigh in the possibility of foreign exchange suppliers. And this is because virtually all french banks impose on you a fixed commission of 3% (with a minimum of between 6 and 10 euros) in addition to a margin on the NZ dollars that you sell them in exchange for euros.

On the other hand, the currency suppliers that proclaim no commission are more attractive to your pocket since they do not apply on you this fee.

Comparer Devise compares any time for you the NZD-EUR currency exchange rates in your location so that you can opt for the option that best suits you.

How does the ISO to EUR currency exchange work? Abrir Respuesta

Currency exchange is a very opaque market in France.

When you buy or sell NZ dollars with euros or NZ dollars in exchange for euros at the airport or at a bank, you are paying more.

French banks usually invoice you a commission of 3% on the NZ dollars that you buy or sell from/to them.

And the currency provider at the airport charges you a very expensive rate taking advantage of the fact that you passed through there.

Balancing prices in a comparison engine like our website that includes 5 currency suppliers in France is the best guarantee to get more NZ dollars for the same euros.

Am I obliged to show any type of ID card to change to euros? Abrir Respuesta

Indeed. Following the antimoney laundering norms, the french foreign currency providers will ask you when you change travel money to euros (and vice-versa) an updated and valid identity card. If you change to euros at least they will demand from you for your resident´s ID card (carte nationale d´identité) or passport.

Is it safe to change NZ dollars to euros online in France? Abrir Respuesta

In territories like the United Kingdom or the United States, it is very common to buy or sell foreign currency online. The customer that needs to sell NZ dollars to euros will go to a travel money website such as Comparer Devise or directly to a currency provider and sell online their NZ dollars or any other currency for euros she/he needs to sell.

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