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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) ISK-EUR

How does the Icelandic Kronas to euro currency exchange work? Abrir Respuesta

Currency exchange is an activity like many others: there are travellers who buy and sell currencies like the Icelandic Kronas in exchange for euros to/from a retail company (the one that sells/buys from us korunas ISK).

If they do not stock enough number of korunas ISK, they buy them from a wholesale company. The gap between what they have paid for the korunas ISK and what they charge you when you buy them is the profit margin they get.

However, in this currency exchange market, it may be the case that the currency provider or bank does not get the banknotes from an intermediary, but alternatively obtains them from a traveller who comes to France with korunas ISK.

In this case, in addition to earning a profit for buying the Icelandic Kronas banknotes from this person, they charge you another margin when they sell you the currency. Double win!

Is it safe to make an online reservation of korunas for euros in France? Abrir Respuesta

Usually, the online rates of the holiday money providers in France, are more interesting than the prices you get when you change directly in one of their branches.

So we advise you to conduct a rate comparison when you sell korunas to euros.

And later we advise to reserve online to choose the collect in store delivery method at an office of the currency exchange suppliers around you. This way you will be handed more euros for your korunas adequately.

Do I need to show any type of ID card to sell my in exchange for euros? Abrir Respuesta

Yes, it is. Following the AML regulations, the french foreign currency providers will ask you when you exchange currency to euros (and vice-versa) a valid and current identity document. If you sell to euros at least they will ask you for your resident´s ID card (carte nationale d´identité) or passport.

I have previously exchanged Euros to korunas, what can I do if I have leftover korunas on my way back from a holiday? Abrir Respuesta

After your trip and back to France, you can exchange your leftover korunas at your closest of the different foreign currency provider´s branches displayed on the Comparer Devise results page.

Then click/tap on the Sell your currency tab and find your leftover currency and then fill in the quantity of Icelandic Kronas notes you need to change. Please do not include loose coins, because these providers do not admit them.

Where to sell and where not to sell korunas to euros in France Abrir Respuesta

In general, our advice is to avoid any entity that charges you a commission in addition to a foreign exchange margin, and compare on our website the Icelandic Kronas to euro daily exchange rate.

Literally all french banks apply to you a three per cent fee, with a minimum (whichever is higher) quantity between 6 and 10 euros.

Bear in mind that the lower the quantity of korunas to sell to euros, the more the impact of this fixed fee on your personal finances.

Is there a limit to the amount of korunas ISK that I can change on the Internet in France when I change korunas ISK to euros? Abrir Respuesta

Normally, holiday money providers in France have high limits for a single ISK-EUR currency exchange. Or for any other currency ypour wish to change to euros.

These maximum quantities are imposed by the french Central Bank. They are related to the money laundering prevention regulations and Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements.

However, these maximum quantities normally vary between the equivalent of korunas ISK to 3,000 and 5,900 euros, which is a lot more than what a tourist needs for their stay expenses.

When is the best moment to sell korunas ISK to euros in France? Abrir Respuesta

The ISK-EUR price oscillates every day. The currencies of countries with more stable economies change less, and vice-versa. Nevertheless it is also necessary to weigh in events such as Brexit or the Ukraine war, major sporting events or economic crisis, which can impact the travel money rates of a specific currency, like the Icelandic Kronas, from one day to the next.

Any way, most currency suppliers and banks often modify the rate at which they buy or sell korunas ISK once a day, first thing in the morning.

Comparer Devise always has its rates updated, so that you are shown the best data available on exchange rates.

How can I get the best Icelandic Kronas to euro exchange rate today in France? Abrir Respuesta

Finding the best exchange rate to sell Iceland crowns to Euros today in France is as easy as browsing Comparer and selecting the desired currency in our currency purchase widget, tab Sell Currency.

Keep in mind that the prices and conditions to change Iceland crowns to euros that you see on our website are guaranteed to be more interesting than the conditions you will get if you go directly to the currency provider.

We do not recommend exchanging foreign currencies at a french bank. They impose you a fee of around 2 to 3% as well as an exchange rate.

Exchanging foreign currency at the airport is always the most expensive way to sell your Iceland crowns to euros.

Is it safe to change korunas to euros online in France? Abrir Respuesta

In France, currency providers and some banks are beginning to offer online currency exchange services to their customers when you change korunas to euros online.

You just have to place a Icelandic Kronas to euro booking. Then choose a store of the supplier where to pick the euros from. And the day you will go to the chosen outlet.

Bear in mind that rates vary daily so it will be optimal to order online the same day you will go to the store.

Where can I sell ISKs for euros in France today? Abrir Respuesta

If you believed that your the airport or your bank were the only places to sell ISKs for euros today in France, please, first compare rates in the different currency suppliers that we have compared for you above.

You can spot that for the same quantity of ISKs, you will buy more Euros depending on the supplier you choose and you can spend the difference on other leisure activities for your trip (coffees, souvenirs, transportation, etc.).

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