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Livraison à domicile (14,95 € frais)

979,32 NZD
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1 EUR = 1,632200 NZD

Livraison à domicile (14,95 € frais)

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If you order your currency online with Or & Change:
  • Order online up to 50 different currencies "No commission"
  • Use the COMPDEV discount voucher to benefit from a 50% off in home delivery costs
  • Pay online by card or bank transfer
  • They deliver in metropolitan France (Corsica excluded) in 24 to 72 hours*
  • Minimum order amount 2 EUR
  • Free delivery for all orders over €2000*
At the airport

At the airport

910,30 NZD
Average rates today at Paris airports
1 EUR = 1,529918 NZD

At the airport

Today's average rates for this foreign currency at the two main Paris airports: Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly. Includes their 5 euros commission. More details

Every day thousands of people exchange currency in French airports, where it is very convenient, but not cheap. Almost all of them have something in common: they leave things to the end and do not care much about the exchange rate that is applied to them in the operation.
In exchange for so many travelers, the airport requires the currency supplier to participate in the income from each sale of currency. This means that exchanging currency at airports is much more expensive than outside, on the street, and for this reason, the airport should be our last exchange option in France.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) EUR-NZD

When is the best moment to acquire NZ dollars? Abrir Respuesta

There is no worse or better time to convert euros to NZ dollars. All currencies raise or decline every day based on the other travel money they are measured against.

Consequently, if you intend buying NZ dollars, the best thing you can do is carry on a prior price comparison on Comparer Devise.

Do I have to provide any type of identity card to order dollars? Abrir Respuesta

The usual thing is that the holiday money supplier where you will order your dollars will demand from you to show a valid and current identity document (passport or resident´s identity card called carte nationale d´identité in France). Take into account that the driver's ID is not generally accepted as a valid ID.

Contrarily banks do not generally ask for any documentation from their customers who obtain dollars because they already identified them when they opened a bank account with them.

Is there a maximum quantity of NZDs that I can purchase on the Internet in France? Abrir Respuesta

currency suppliers in France generally cap the maximum quantity of foreign currency to be ordered (NZDs, etc.) to between 3,000 and 6,000 € per calendar quarter. This is a requirement the antimoney laundering norms. If you need to change a higher quantity of Euros to NZDs, Comparer Devise recommends to speak directly with the foreign currency supplier. They might demand from you additional documentation and proof of the origins of your Euros (identity card, passport, certificate of professional activity, income statements, etc.).

Is it safe to buy online dollars in France? Abrir Respuesta

Buying online dollars in France is very safe. Take into account that it is done with holiday money providers that must have a licence from the French Central Bank.

Furthermore, these foreign currency providers are businesses subject to inspection and can be fined if they fail to comply with the anti-money laundering legislation in France to justify with whom they exchange dollars.

I have exchanged Euros to NZDs, what can I do with my remaining NZDs on my way back from a holiday? Abrir Respuesta

All holiday money suppliers in France are dedicated to the purchase and sale of currency. If you come back with NZDs left over once your travels are over, you only have to enter Comparer and choose our Sell your currency tab in the top menu.

Then find your city of residence and we will tell you how many Euros the different travel money providers will offer on the day in your town for your remaining NZDs.

Bear in mind that they will just acquire you NZDs banknotes but not loose coins.

How will I find the best euro to New Zealand Dollars exchange rate today? Abrir Respuesta

Finding the best exchange rate for the euro with respect to the dollars every day in France, is easy.

Firstly, we advise you to not pay attention the rates of the currency converters you see on the Internet. These prices are for foerign currency but not for banknotes. Furthermore, they are exclusive to banks. The rates you are charged as an individual are less competitive.

The second thing you should do is search at the direct euro to New Zealand Dollars exchange rate (that 0.991 with more or less digits that you see advertised everywhere and that changes constantly).

The higher that number is, the more dollars they will give you for every Euro you pay.

For that reason, the best exchange rate will be the higher exchange rate. Comparer Devise makes it easy for you to order at the best euro to New Zealand Dollars exchange rate. Our results page orders New Zealand Dollars offers from highest to lowest rate of the day in various currency providers, banks and airports in France.

Where to acquire and where not to order NZ dollars in France Abrir Respuesta

additionally toa foreign exchange margin, and browse on our website the Euro to New Zealand Dollars daily exchange rate.

Almost all banks in France apply to you a 3% fee, with a minimum (whichever is higher) quantity between 6 and 10 euros.

Keep in mind that the smaller the quantity of NZ dollars to order, the more the impact of this fixed commission on your personal finances.

Is it recommendable to make an online purchase or reservation of dollars in France? Abrir Respuesta

Indeed. If you need to block the Euro to New Zealand Dollars price you see on the results page of Comparer Devise. But also if you need to ensure that the travel money supplier won´t charge you a commission.

In France you can fall into the hands of some foreign currency suppliers with bad practices who impose on their users a significant fee when buying dollars directly from their branches without having previously ordered on their Internet site.

Where can I get NZDs in France? Abrir Respuesta

In France there are 3 places where you can purchase NZDs. You might be tempted to think primaril of your bank. Nevertheless, the banks will all add an exchange rate to your NZDs as wall as a fee of 3%. This means that, for example when you change €1000 to NZDs you will have to pay a 30 € fee.

On the other hand, your other option is the airport at the last minute. Nevertheless, this channel is the most expensive of all options because the foreign currency suppliers based there, must pay chunk of their benefits to the airport manager.

Currency providers based out of the airports in France are a much better option to obtain NZDs with euros.

How does the euro to New Zealand Dollars currency exchange work? Abrir Respuesta

The EUR-NZD exchange rate is really easy to understand. As in all markets, you have wholesale companies and retailers.

Currency suppliers & Banks are retailers who buy from currency wholesalers the banknotes they estimate to sell to travellers at the wholesale exchange rate (interbank exchange rate) and mark-up their profit margin.

They then sell those notes to consumers at their selling price of the day, earning that margin.

For example, if you wish to get , you go to a bank or currency supplier and pay the sale rate of the day they advertise. This rate already incorporates a profit for the currency provider.

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