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Livraison à domicile (14,95 € frais)

4281,60 DKK
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1 EUR = 7,135100 DKK

Livraison à domicile (14,95 € frais)

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If you order your currency online with Or & Change:
  • Order online up to 50 different currencies "No commission"
  • Use the COMPDEV discount voucher to benefit from a 50% off in home delivery costs
  • Pay online by card or bank transfer
  • They deliver in metropolitan France (Corsica excluded) in 24 to 72 hours*
  • Minimum order amount 2 EUR
  • Free delivery for all orders over €2000*
At the airport

At the airport

3633,92 DKK
Average rates today at Paris airports
1 EUR = 6,107432 DKK

At the airport

Today's average rates for this foreign currency at the two main Paris airports: Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly. Includes their 5 euros commission. More details

Every day thousands of people exchange currency in French airports, where it is very convenient, but not cheap. Almost all of them have something in common: they leave things to the end and do not care much about the exchange rate that is applied to them in the operation.
In exchange for so many travelers, the airport requires the currency supplier to participate in the income from each sale of currency. This means that exchanging currency at airports is much more expensive than outside, on the street, and for this reason, the airport should be our last exchange option in France.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) EUR-DKK

Is there a maximum quantity of korunas DKK that I can buy from an online supplier in France? Abrir Respuesta

Normally, holiday money providers in France have high limits for a one shot online order of korunas DKK or any other currency. These limits are fixed by the French Central Bank. They have to do with the AML regulations and Know Your Customer (KYC) obligations.

Nevertheless, these maximum quantities normally vary between 3,000 and 5,900 €, which is a lot more than what a traveler needs for their stay expenses.

I have changed Euros to , what can I do with my leftover when I return to France? Abrir Respuesta

If you have left over after your trip, go to our Sell your currency tab, fill in the Danish Korunas banknotes you saved (notes only, not loose coins) and select your town. We will tell you the closest foreign currency supplier´s branches that will acquire your remaining from you and how many Euros they will give you in exchange.

Keep in mind that they will just buy you banknotes but not loose change.

Is it recommendable to order online or click and collect DKKs in France? Abrir Respuesta

Usually, the online rates of the holiday money providers in France, are more economic than those you get when you change directly in one of their offices.

So we advise you to perform a rate comparison when you buy DKKs. And afterwards either reserve online to pick up the currency at a branch of the currency exchange providers near you or to buy them online selecting home delivery as delivery method. This way you will receive the DKKs comfortably in your home or office.

Where can I acquire DKKs in France? Abrir Respuesta

In France you can purchase DKKs fundamentally at your bank or at the currency suppliers. As a rule banks impose on you a fixed fee ranging between 2.5% and 3% with a minimum of 6 to 10 euros for each travel money. This applies when you acquire foreign currency and when you change back your surplus to euros. This means that if you convert 100 euros to DKKs, in addition to the euro to Danish Korunas exchange rate of the day, you will pay between 6 and 10 additional euros. Currency providers that advertise no commission are more interesting since they do not apply you this fee.

Comparer Devise ranges the euro to Danish Korunas exchange rates of the day and sorts them from most to least interesting so that you can choose well where to buy acquire DKKs.

Where to obtain and where not to buy korunas in France Abrir Respuesta

Comparer Devise does not recommend ordering korunas at the French airports. This should be your last alternative, as it is the least cheap.

We also do not recommend changing your korunas in a French bank because almost all French banks impose on you a three per cent commission, with a minimum (whichever is higher) amount of 6 to 10 euros. Unless you are able to discuss with them removing the commission.

Is the online purchase of safe in France? Abrir Respuesta

Buying online in France is highly secure. Take into account that it is done with currency providers that must have an authorization from the French Central Bank.

Furthermore, these travel money suppliers are corporations subject to audits and can be sanctioned if they fail to comply with the binding AML legislation in France to justify with whom they exchange .

Do I have to provide any kind of ID card to acquire ? Abrir Respuesta

To acquire with Euros on the Internet here you must show a passport or resident´s identity card called carte nationale d´identité. These cards permit you to identify yourself when making your order physically or on the currency supplier´s website. In this case, you will have to provide a scanned jpeg or PDF copy that does not weigh much.

How can I get the best euro to Danish Korunas exchange rate today? Abrir Respuesta

Welcome to our currency exchange comparison service that helps you acquire at the best exchange rate today in France. Our aim is for you to save when exchanging currency for a trip abroad, and also upon return, if you have leftover notes you wish to sell back.

To see the best euro to Danish Korunas exchange rate today, select the foreign currency you want to purchase, type in the quantity of Euros you want to change to .

By default we will show you the home-delivery prices. Normally, you will purchase the best foreign exchange prices with us rather than directly at your bank or currency supplier.

And if, in addition, you select your city, we will display the you can get you at the currency providers branches for the same Euros.

When is the best time to obtain Danish crowns? Abrir Respuesta

The euro to Danish Korunas rate fluctuates every day. The currencies of countries with more stable economies fluctuate less, and vice-versa. Nevertheless it is also necessary to weigh in phenomena such as Brexit or the Ukraine war, major sporting events or economic crisis, which can affect the exchange rates of a specific currency, like the Danish Korunas, inmediately.

In any case, most currency suppliers and banks usually change the price at which they buy or sell Danish crowns once a day, early in the morning.Comparer Devise always has its rates updated, so that you browse the best information available on exchange rates.

How does the euro to Danish Korunas currency exchange work? Abrir Respuesta

Currency exchange is a poorly transparent market in France.

When you order at a bank or at the airport, you are paying more.

French banks practically invoice you a commission of 3% on the that you obtain from them.And the currency supplier at the airport invoices you a very disappointing price taking advantage of the fact that you passed through there.

Comparing prices in a comparison engine like Comparer Devise that includes 5 currency suppliers in France is the best way to obtain more for the same euros.

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