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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) -EUR

When is the best time to sell shekels ILSs to euros in France? Abrir Respuesta

On a daily basis, all year round the shekel to euro rates change in foerign markets, depending on the vigour of the shekel currency against the Euro.

This is why, there is no best moment to change shekels ILSs with euros. But you have at hand free websites like Comparer Devise that help you compare all the shekels ILSs being bought by currency suppliers, banks and the airport. With this information you will ensure you sell your shekels ILSs to euro at the best rates of the day.

Is it advisable to order online or click and collect shekels for euros in France? Abrir Respuesta

If you want to fix the shekels to euro price for your vacation in France, we advise you to place an online order on the website of the chosen foreign currency supplier.

Furthermore, by doing so you skip the possible commissions that some travel money suppliers in France charge you when you change shekels for euros directly in one of their branches.

In France when you reserve online on your bank's website or App, you will still pay their travel money fee of around two to three per cent, and you will be charged the exchange rates of the day of collection, not those of the day of the online reservation.

Do I have to provide any type of identity card to do a ILS-EUR currency exchange? Abrir Respuesta

To sell shekels to Euros on the Internet in France you have to carry with you a resident´s ID card (carte nationale d´identité) or a passport. These documents allow you to identify yourself when making your ILS-EUR order in person or on the Internet.

I have previously exchanged Euros to shekels, what do I do if I have leftover shekels when I return to France? Abrir Respuesta

Upon return to France, you can exchange your leftover shekels at your closest of the different foreign currency supplier´s offices that participate on the Comparer Devise grid.

Then click/tap on the Sell your currency tab and search for your leftover currency and then fill in the quantity of shekel notes you have. Please do not introduce the value of loose change, because these providers will not admit them.

Where can I change ILSs in exchange for euros during my holidays in France today? Abrir Respuesta

Traditionally, when we want to change ILSs to euros in France we only think of banks. Neverthelss we do not seem to remember that practically practically all french banks impose on you a a margin on the ILSs that you sell them, as well as, a fixed fee of 3% (with a minimum of between 6 and 10 euros).

This makes the foreign currency exchange less interesting and almost always it is much more advisable to exchange currency at a high street foreign exchange supplier. These businesses offer the alternative of selling your ILSs to euros through click and collect.

Regarding the airport, it is always the least interesting option as it is much less interesting than the foreign currency providers based out of the airport.

Is there a ceiling of shekels d´Israël that I can sell online in France when I change shekels d´Israël to euros? Abrir Respuesta

The average quantity of the average tourist who changes shekels d´Israël to Euros is the equivalent in euros to 700 €, which is a quantity that falls within the limits of the travel money providers that operate with end customers in France.

The larger the amount in euros of your shekels d´Israël to sell, the higher the probability that you will be required to prove your professional activity data additionally to your ID card or passport.

Where to sell and where not to change shekels to euros in France Abrir Respuesta

Generally speaking, we recommend you to change your currency in safe places and where they do not charge you a fee, in addition to a profit margin. Practically all french banks and some physical currency suppliers will impose on you a currency exchange commission of around 3 per cent, with a minimum (whichever is higher), between 6 and 10 euros.

This means that when you exchange the equivalent of 100 € from shekel to euro, in addition to an exchange margin, you will pay a fixed commission of of 6 to 10 euros, since it is a higher quantity than the 3 euros commission that would correspond to applying 3% to 100 euros. If you change the equivalent of six hundred euros from shekel to euro, they would charge you a 3% fee. That is 18 euros, which is higher than the minimum of of six to ten €.

How can I know the best shekel to euro exchange rate today in France? Abrir Respuesta

If you want to sell shekels for euros you only have to choose shekels in our currency purchase form, tab Sell Currency. Then enter the amount you want to sell and choose your town so that we can show you the nearest currency exchange store.

Comparer Devise will show you the outcome of the different currency suppliers, sorted from more interesting to less appealing. We will also display the average rate at french high street banks and at the airports (if they buy shekels).

How does the ISO to EUR currency exchange work? Abrir Respuesta

Banks and currency suppliers are retailers who buy from currency wholesale companies and travellers the banknotes they estimate to sell to travellers demanding from them shekels ILSs at the wholesale exchange rate or the retail rate (interbank market) and mark-up their profit margin.

They use the shekels ILSs you sell to them and sell those banknotes to other travellers at their selling rate of the day, winning that margin.

For example, if you want to sell shekels ILSs in exchange for euros, you contact your currency supplier or a bank and pay the Buy price of the day they advertise. This price already contains a profit margin for the currency supplier.

Is it safe to change shekels to euros online in France? Abrir Respuesta

Changing online shekels to euros in France is very safe. Bear in mind that it is done with currency providers that must have an authorization from the french Central Bank.

Furthermore, these travel money suppliers are companies subject to inspection and can be sanctioned if they do not comply with the strict legal measures in France to clarify with whom they exchange shekels to euros.

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